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The Chabada boss

The new pattern has just been released, it is the Chabada dress , which is also available as a blouse.
In this article I will tell you a little more about this multi-faceted feminine dress.
It all started with a desire for a long, very long dress, and a desire for buttons, a nice length of buttons...
Chabada is therefore above all a long dress, buttoned like a shirt dress but (and yes, there is a BUT!) which can be put on as if it had no buttons!!!
dress sewing pattern
Explanations: I wanted the charm of the buttons, and the comfort of the “elasticated” waist. Which means that the buttons are mainly there for decoration! You can sew the buttons without buttonholes, directly by taking the overlapping fronts together. You can of course choose to sew the buttonholes (1.because we like sewing buttonholes! be able to play on the opening of the skirt slit or make a compatible nursing dress :)) In short, Chabada is an easy to wear and super comfortable dress.
Chabada is also about little details: A pretty V-shaped neckline with an off-the-shoulder neckline that will allow you to play with fabrics, materials or add piping, lace... There are also has pleats on the front and back that echo each other. They give just the right amount of fullness to the bust to fit your shape without being tight while adding a touch of delicacy.
women's dress sewing pattern
Chabada offers you a multitude of possibilities, with three dress lengths (short, midi, long), three types of sleeves (short, long flared and long puffed), an optional belt and for comfort (again :)) pockets !
And since it's always difficult for me to make choices, Chabada also has a blouse version! For the record, during my multiple tests, when validating the neckline and the fold pattern (I was only working on the bust), I found this "top" so nice that I said to myself that it was not possible not to release it in a blouse version!
women's blouse sewing pattern
As for the finishes, Chabada is not lined, so you will need to choose a non-transparent fabric! At the bust level, the front facing which is located at the level of the V neckline and the buttons is folded on itself so that the finish is very clean while providing more solidity for the sewing of the buttons (and the buttonholes if you put some!).

Also the shoulder yoke is lined using the so-called "burrito" method (which you can discover if you don't know it) which allows a finish as clean on the back as on the front of the garment.

Finally, Chabada offers options! You can sew the dress with pockets (I have a hard time doing without them :) ) And you can add a belt.

And there you have it, the Chabada pattern no longer has any secrets for you!
It's always a pleasure to discover your creations, so don't hesitate, share them with #larobeduchat and #larobeduchatabada.
See you soon
women's dress sewing pattern
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