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There are moments in life when everything is calm, too calm, moments when we are almost bored, when we patiently wait for life to shake up this great calm a little. And then there are these moments when everything accelerates, everything falls into place at the same time; ideas, projects. We then no longer have a minute to ourselves, we carry out everything head on, we don't give up, because each project is important and deserves to be carried through to the end. These last few months have been a real upheaval for me with projects that were built at the same time: a baby, a wedding, a wedding dress and a business creation... of course I could have chosen to 'put one off until later, but you will understand that I could hardly change the date of my wedding or postpone the sewing of my dress and even less postpone the arrival of the baby 😉. Concerning my creations, there was no question of waiting any longer to put my patterns online. I couldn't wait to introduce them to you! But then, when we do everything at the same time, we sometimes forget certain details... and I realize today that I didn't even take the time to introduce myself. So it's time to fix it...
My name is Emily, newlywed as you will have understood and mother of 5 children! Concerning sewing, I trained myself self-taught. I started with small projects, mainly accessories, then clothes, first for my children then for myself. Some time ago I wanted to make my own patterns, so without a second thought, I gave it a go and I loved it. What a pleasure it is to make a garment from start to finish, to imagine it, design the pattern, make prototypes, overcome technical obstacles, choose the fabric, and finally sew it and wear it (or even better, give it away) . These are the patterns, the La Robe du Chat patterns, that I would like to offer you.
Currently, three La Robe du Chat patterns are available on the site, all in PDF format: The Hibiscus jacket, the Lavender blouse and the Lilac dress (or top). Each pattern is presented with a few photos and a technical drawing. Other photos will soon complete the descriptions in order to present them to you as best as possible. Soon, a fourth boss will join the site, it's Iris but I won't tell you more for the moment 😉 In the meantime, here is Hibiscus, Lavender and Lilac:
Hibiscus Jacket
Hibiscus jacket with tailored collar
Lavender blouse with piping
Lilac Dress
There you go, you know a little more about La Robe du Chat. For details on the patterns or for any other request: do not hesitate, contact me via the contact form, by email or on Instagram @larobeduchat .
See you soon
Emily for The Cat Dress
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