My story

We believe that creativity leads to well-being and better self-confidence. This is why all our patterns are there to make sewing easier for you, to allow you to express all your creativity. At La Robe du Chat we believe in you, in your ability to create, so that you are proud to wear your creations, proud of yourself.

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I'm Emily, creator of La Robe du Chat patterns. Married and mother of 5 children, sewing has been in my life for a long time. I spent my early childhood in smocked dresses sewn by my mother.

I learned sewing from her, then from books and on the internet. First accessories, clothes for my children then clothes for me. Very quickly, I became interested in pattern making, I was very curious to understand how to create and modify patterns! Totally self-taught, I learned by creating, and I continue to learn constantly. Each new project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to learn!

I am keen to offer you patterns accessible to seamstresses at a beginner-intermediate level, that is to say who have some basic sewing skills, who have already sewn a garment or accessories. Some patterns have variants with an additional level of difficulty so that you can learn new techniques and take on new sewing challenges!

The assembly booklets that accompany the patterns always have clear and understandable explanations. They are illustrated with diagrams or photos allowing you to understand how to make your garment.

The patterns are easy to use:

  • no overlapping of parts
  • seam allowances are included
  • PDFs: printing by size layers and no margins to cut.

Sewing is a great way to express your creativity. That’s what the bosses are there for. They are the basis on which you will rely to create.

Why The Cat Dress?

cat picture

A cat's coat is the color of its coat. There is another word for this dress: we call it “a pattern” . And yes, a pattern is a word used to designate a cat's sewing pattern and dress (and also the boss :). With cats and sewing both being a part of my life, I found this little play on words to be the perfect name for my business.

Let me introduce you to Pirouette, she loves cutting fabric!

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