Hack du patron veste Hibiscus

Hack of the Hibiscus jacket pattern

What I love about sewing is being able to add my own little personal touch every time! I am one of those who never sew the same item of clothing twice! For the same pattern, I always make a modification: adding piping, applying bias, a different fabric... I like to let my creativity speak!
Today I wanted to talk to you about a way to “hack” version A of the Hibiscus jacket pattern!
The idea is to add a bias to finish the neckline. This will provide a different finish and allow you to play with the color of the bias! Here I chose a 2 cm anthracite bias (once installed it is 1 cm wide), to contrast with the light gray of the jacket.
Nothing very complicated, I would even say that it is even simpler than the assembly with facing (except that you have to know how to put a bias :)).
This tutorial is intended for version A (rounded neck) of Hibiscus.
First, you need to skip anything related to facings in the mounting range. You assemble the entire jacket: stitching, sleeves, pockets...everything except the bottom hem.
Then, pin your bias right side against the wrong side of the fabric, all along the front and the neckline (here I show you with a white bias, because I forgot to take photos while making the jacket!!!)
installation of a saddle bias
Stitch on the bias fold.
sew a saddle bias
Turn the bias onto the right side of your fabric and pin it well all the way. Be careful that your bias covers the installation seam (previous seam).
place a bias binding on horseback
Stitch with a straight stitch 1 mm from the edge of the fold.
sew a bias
sewing a bias
Finally, hem the bottom of the jacket.
finishing a jacket with a bias
hack of the hibiscus jacket finished with bias
And now, it's over.
It's up to you to sew Hibiscus :)
I wish you good sewing times and don't hesitate to share your creations with #larobeduchat, it always makes me really happy!

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